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Enhance your employees workplace experience.

Are you a tech business searching for an interactive workspace that checks all the necessary boxes? 

Or a startup trying to make sure your office design is fit for the future?

Whatever the case, enhancing the technology in your office can play a vital role in employee retention and productivity. 

Ahead of the curve.

At Nolan Interiors, we are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in office design and integration. Our innovative approach involves the incorporation of smart systems powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise various aspects of the workplace.

By harnessing the potential of these technologies, we aim to enhance energy efficiency, employee well-being, and overall productivity in office environments.

Here are some of the exciting smart enhancements that we offer:

Smart energy management.

Our smart systems utilise occupancy sensors, air quality sensors, temperature, humidity sensors, and light sensors to assess the real-time conditions of spaces. 

With this data, we can automatically adjust heating, cooling, lighting, and HVAC systems to optimise energy consumption based on room occupancy and requirements. This helps reduce energy costs and minimises our environmental impact.


Employee wellbeing.

Employee health and well-being are paramount to a thriving workplace. Through wearable technology, smart building systems, and tech-embedded furniture, we can monitor employees’ physical activity, air quality, and other health metrics in real-time. 

These insights allow employers to promote healthier lifestyles and create better working conditions, ultimately boosting employee satisfaction and productivity.


Hybrid and hyper-flex.

With the rise of remote work, our hybrid huddle rooms provide seamless collaboration between in-person and remote team members. Equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual (AV) technology, these rooms foster effective communication and engagement. 

They enable remote participants to interact in virtual spaces, participate in real-time discussions, and share ideas effortlessly.



Maximise your employees work experience.

There are a number of ways that technology can be used to enhance the user experience in an office fit-out, including:

  • Providing convenient and efficient access to information and resources.
  • Enabling seamless collaboration and communication between team members.
  • Enhancing comfort and well-being through the use of smart building systems.
  • Allowing for flexible and adaptable workspaces that can be easily reconfigured to meet changing needs.

By carefully integrating technology into the design and layout of the office space, it is possible to create a modern and user-friendly workspace that meets the needs of employees and stakeholders.

Connected, anytime, anywhere.

WiFi is an absolute necessity in any business, but many businesses are still hardwiring a lot of their office tech. Breathe a new lease of life into your business by removing unsightly wiring and opting for wireless printers, computers, and even smart appliances such as coffee machines that can be controlled remotely.

 Employees are proven to work better in clean and less chaotic environments, and minimising wires is just one simple aspect that can go a long way.


The age of video conferencing is not going away anytime soon, yet many offices are still not equipped with the essentials for video calls, including HD webcams, speakers, and microphones. 

Short video conferencing has been proven to reduce wasted time by over 85%, compared with traditional methods of travelling for face to face meetings. And are also proven to be over 50% more effective than a phone call. 


Looking to keep it simple?

The realms of technology in the workspace span dramatically, but you might just be looking to upgrade outdated computer systems. At Nolan Interiors, we are here to help with the smallest or largest project. 

Here are just some of the additional products and services on offer:

  • Laptops
  • Computers
  • Video recording
  • Video conferencing
  • Printers and scanners
  • Televisions
  • Speakers and headsets
  • Wireless networking
  • Mobile devices and other portable technology
  • Coffee machines

Why work with Nolan Interiors?

Nolan Interiors is a company dedicated to enhancing your working space with our incredible eye for detail, passion for design, and understanding of your growing business needs. 

At Nolan Interiors, we are dedicated to delivering tailored designs that prioritise our clients’ unique needs and exceed their expectations. 

Our commitment to exceptional service, collaboration, and creativity sets us apart as a leader in office design. As we continue to embrace smart technology, our aim is to create workspaces that foster productivity, well-being, and environmental responsibility.

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